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21 November 18:00 - 21:00Norrsken House

How can we decarbonize society
through innovation? 

To meet the challenges of climate change we need transformation on an unprecedented scale. At the same time, demand for the carbon intensive materials, products and services that have built our modern societies show no sign of slowing down. Change needs to happen fast.

We need more innovation across different sectors and companies throughout value chains, in order to make decarbonization of industry happen. At Vattenfall we believe this is possible and we believe that electrification is a source of innovation and an enabler of fossil free living. Today Vattenfall has industrial partnerships focused on production of fossil free steel (HYBRIT), producing fossil free biodiesel (Preem), decarbonizing cement (Cementa) and more partnerships will follow.

Finding new ways of working throughout value chains and between industries is not easy, but it is possible. Together with our panel and with you we will identify the challenges and opportunities moving forward to decarbonize society. What options do we have?

Our program

17.30 - Getting seated with a vegetarian snack and a drink

18.00 - Welcome by Malin Strand Policy Strategist at Fossil Free Sweden 

18.15 - Keynote on 'Taking electricity from a power source to a source of innovation' by Mikael Nordlander, Head of R&D Portfolio Industry Decarbonization at Vattenfall

18.45 - Panel discussion including the audience, moderated by Malin Strand with:  

* Alexandra Laurén   
   Executive Vice President and Head of Business Development at Skanska

* Kim Hellström 
   Strategy Lead Climate at H&M Group

* Johanna Landberg 

   Head of Impact Banking at Doconomy 

* Andreas Regnell 

   Senior Vice President Strategic Development at Vattenfall 

19.45 - Mingle with a drink and a snack 

20.30 - End of the program 

Who do we invite?
Everyone interested but specifically students and professionals within innovation who (want to) play an important role in making the change happen in our industry and our society.

Reserve your seat! 
The event is free of entrance but there is a maximum amount of participants. Please get your ticket to secure your seat.  

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All you need to know

You are welcome at Norrsken House on Birger Jarlsgatan 57C as of 17.30 hours to find your seat and grab a drink with a vegetarian snack. We will start at 18.00 hours and we hope you will join us actively after the keynote and the panel discussion. Of course we willl mingle before we close the event at 21.00 hours. 

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Malin Strand
Policy Strategist at Fossil Free Sweden

Fossil Free Sweden is a Government initiative with the purpose of accelerating the transition to a fossil free society, by creating a platform for collaboration between companies, municipalities and other types of actors. Malin Strand who will moderate our event has coordinated Fossil Free Sweden's industry roadmaps where innovation plays an important role to make the transition happen.  

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Johanna Landberg
Head of Impact Banking at Doconomy

Doconomy wants to enable and encourage behavioral change. It should be easy to manage consumption and savings, as well as choose a more sustainable lifestyle. That’s why they developed DO, a free and easy to use mobile banking service that will track your CO2 footprint and allow you to compensate for your impact. Doconomy believes in connecting science with finance so we can start to turn our money into a force for good. Consumption will not end, but it’s devastating impact on the planet must.

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Kim Hellström
Strategy Lead Climate at H&M Group

The climate crisis is a key challenge to all industries, including fashion. H&M Group takes its responsibility to stay within the planetary boundaries very serious. Their value chain is connected to countless people, communities, ecosystems and other businesses around the world – that’s what is means to be part of a global economy. They use their size and scale to catalyze systemic change across their own operations, their entire value chain and the wider industry. H&M Group believes it’s important to hold an ongoing and open dialogue with all of their stakeholders, to help them innovate and priorities actions within their sustainability work.

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Andreas Regnell
Senior Vice President Strategic Development at Vattenfall

At Vattenfall we exist to power climate smarter living. Empowered by our goal we are determined to enable fossil free living within one generation. To succeed we must, as one of the leading companies, be fossil free ourselves. But that's not enough. That's why we are looking beyond  our own industry, to share where we can make a difference. 

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Alexandra Laurén
Executive Vice President and Head of Business Development at Skanska Sweden

Skanska is one of the largest construction companies in Sweden with thousands of projects every year and 9,300 employees. Skanska builds for a better society and aim to be a leader in sustainable solutions, quality, safety and ethics. This results in innovative projects created by motivated people.

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Mikael Nordlander
Head of R&D Portfolio Industry Decarbonization at Vattenfall

At Vattenfall we exist to power climate smarter living. Empowered by our goal we are determined to enable fossil free living within one generation. Mikael Nordlander who will hold the keynote speech is responsible for Vattenfall's partnership projects for decarbonization of basic industry processes. 

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